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About Us

We are a group of Sugar millers in Asia, established to support the sugar industry in Asia, Europe and African community.

Asia Sugar Mills Group has exclusive responsibility for commercializing the sugar and ethanol produced by 300 partner mills located Asia, Europe, Brazil and other sugar exporting countries. Asia Sugar Mills Group produces more than 5,000 million tons of sugar in the Asia and an additional by products of sugar goes to animal feed from beet and sugar cane pulp.

We maintain our market leading position by anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers/clients. Sugar production rests at the core of our processes, but using a greatly integrated approach to manufacturing, Asia Sugar Mill’s aim to transform all of our raw materials into sustainable products.

Asia Sugar Mill’s products are signified in the leading products of international food and beverages manufacturers.

The scales and nature of our processes mean that we have total guarantee of food safety behind every product, product traceability, security of supply and a guarantee to product innovation.

Our customers recognize that the way in which we do business is built around helping them to deliver the right high calibre product to their end customers/clients. It’s about providing a eclectic choice of products, tailored to their own requirements.